05 April 2011

Don't name livestock

Yesterday, Camden learned (and I remembered) why we shouldn't name our food.

Halfway through a bag of gummiworms, he decided they needed names. After which, he said we had to keep them and not eat them. What a weirdo! (And on a side note, growing up, my family raised beef cows and pigs and chickens. And they all had names. Luckily, we weren't as sentimental as my kid. lol)


  1. Cute story about the gummiworms! X

  2. My uncle once had a cow that my cousin and I named "Bonapetite!" We called her bonnie. LOL

  3. Our rabbits and chicken always had names. We fed them, hugged them (whether they wanted to be hugged or not), played with them - and, once winter came, ate them. ^^


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