10 March 2011

Don't buy gas today!

Apparently, the (Facebook) world is trying to take out the oil industry... by setting aside one day of the year to not buy gas (and obviously, you shouldn't buy gas the days before or after, either, so I guess it's three days. Whatever). The only thing more ridiculous than this is that I have friends who are "attending." Really? I thought my friends were smarter than that!

Admittedly, I drive my car often. But in the NEMO winters, it's hard to get out on a bike or walk, especially with a little one. Soon, though, it will be warm enough to leave the car at home once in a while. (I can't wait!!)

So instead of pretending to do something, either hurt the oil companies or save the environment, how about actually doing something?

Ride a bike



Public transportation

Making good use of your car (IE Not making 7+ visits to the store in a week)


  1. Hear hear! And what's is it about this week? Seems like it's World Marketing For Cause-You-Should-Care-About Week. I was just saying to someone the other day - International Women's Day to be precise - about the silliness of it all. What, does that mean that if last Tuesday was women's day then every other day is men's day! Anyway, I suppose I can't chat considering my recent posts, but I agree that all these 'days' are a bit patronising and distracting. Great post!!!

  2. p.s. Don't feel guilty about driving your car. I don't have one but if I did I'd be driving it in the weather we're having too. And you have the sense to leave it at home when you can. I'm sure it's not a gas-guzzler either. The people who need to look at themselves are the ones who drive off-road vehicles ON ROADS! Man, but that annoys me! I once heard a guy I know who drives a Jeep lecturing a girl about how the smoke from her cigarette damages the enviroment. Take about brain dead... Anyway, I wonder how many of your friends who signed up for the no-petrol-day drive them.

  3. Oh, I don't really feel that guilty about it. Living in a rural area, I don't really have much choice--there is like NO public transportation, which is kinda disappointing. And about that fellow who drives the Jeep-haha! Man, if I had heard that, I would have either laughed my head off or told him off! People are so ridiculous sometimes. (Me included, I guess... but in a good way)

  4. i live in MO as well and have a small 4 cylinder four wheel drive truck (just because of the winters!). i'm on limited income and usually can't afford to fill my tank. i got invites to the "don't buy gas!" days, and my response was something along the lines of "i limit myself every day, don't think i need to make a special effort". other than taking my kid to school and picking him up, i don't remember leaving the house all week because i only have about 1/4 tank and two weeks to go before i have more money lol


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