14 December 2010

Holiday Cookies!

My favourite part about the holidays is making/decorating sugar cookies! Well, maybe not making them, since my sugar cookie dough NEVER EVER turns out the way it's supposed to, but I like cutting the shapes out. Especially if I happen to be doing it at my parents' house, because my mom has buckets (literally) of cookie cutters, so we always end up with the usual wintery shapes, but also mooses, lobsters, and of course, dinosaurs!

This weekend, Camden and I bought (sad face!) some sugar cookie dough that was pre-cut (more sad face, but I don't have cookie cutters) so we could make some holiday cookies. It was a fun afternoon diversion, since it was much too cold to even THINK about playing outside.

Not only do I not have cookie cutters, but I don't have colored sugar... So I made some! 3T of sugar and 4 or so drops of food colouring, mix it up. I don't think it would be useful to save, but it worked for what I needed it for.

Awaiting the oven! (See my sugar?!)

Cam got to decorate the first cookie.

Cam's snowman. I helped just a little bit with it. :)



  1. Love it! To hell with slaving hours over everything, it's the memories that you're making that you will remember, not if it was homemade dough or not. Looks like your Littleman sure had a good time.

    p.s. I snagged one of your buttons and would love if you'd snag one of mine : )

  2. Just box up a dozen an send um my way :^)>


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