08 November 2009

Church on Sunday

It is Sunday morning and I'm debating whether I should go to church or not. As much as I enjoy the church I go to (it's a Methodist church), I don't really know anyone there. I started going to this church back in April with my boyfriend, and I've made a few friends. But I still don't know them very well, and I feel that they're my boyfriend's friends more than mine... Rather like even though they like me, they are just putting up with me.

Plus the church is in another town, half an hour away. If it was in my town, I would probably be there in a heart beat... But spending an hour in the car for an hour-long service and some hellos is not my idea of fun.

Plus, I don't see the need of a church service to worship/learn about God. Church, for me, is more about the community than God. But what good is a community if it is thirty minutes away? I just wish my boyfriend didn't sound so offended when I talk about finding a church here in town.

Today is a going to be another gorgeous day, I think. (It's gotten up to 74/75 the last two days!!! In NOVEMBER!) I think that perhaps Camden and I will go out to the lake this morning and worship the way we're used to: appreciating and connecting with Nature. At least I won't have to sit there for an hour, worried every second of it that Cam is going to start making noise or running around or whatever he does to be disruptive. lol


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  2. Blessings! Your search for Truth is beautiful. I think that all of us who are Christian Witches (or however we each label ourselves on our blended path) ponder the question of "going to church". I think the answer will be different for each of us. Scripture reminds us to keep meeting with each other for fellowship, but does not say that it has to be in the setting that we traditionally call "church". You may find that you need or desire traditional church at different times in your life, but you will always need the friendship of others to encourage you and for you to encourage. You may find a more monastic path will suit you for a while, or maybe you will be the one to open your home for others who share your beliefs. I wish you blessings along your path and am so very glad I was led to your blog!

    Love & Light from Melody!


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